Slender: Lost Vision


  • Version: Beta 2
  • Size: ~70 MB
  • Operating System: Windows
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This is an early release, so bugs and suggestions are welcome. Keep in mind that the nature of this game is to be very difficult, and I have tried my best to balance it as much as I can. I am also hessitent about adding additional clues as to your orientation, however that can be discussed. So read on and find out what it's all about!


The night is dark and cold, yet something does not let you sleep. You've been hearing stories, ones you do not believe to be true, yet mysterious things keep happening at night. Strange noises and screams from the forest nearby. Your sane mind keeps telling you not to investigate, to stay at home, where you're safe and warm, but your curious mind keeps on wandering back and forth to those stories. Missing people. Where had they gone? You last just a few weeks before the curiosity in your mind gets the better of you. You spend all day thinking about it, and tonight will be the night. You know it. You have to look. You spend the entire day researching about abnormal phenomena around your area, and come across an article that talks about something that could potentially explain all the mishappenings. The slenderman, so he's called, is supposed to lure around the forest area, kidnapping anyone that dares to intrude his space. It's said that he causes distortion and abnormal behavior around cameras and any form of recording equipment. You don't have a camera, so for the moment, decide to take what you have - an audio recorder. Soon, it's nightfall and you prepare yourself for the occasion. You don't need much, so you think. It's all just sayings, you continuusly try to tell yourself. You'll go out and return later, and nothing will have happened to you. You don't believe in any paranormal activities. But as soon as you head out, something makes you feel uneasy. You can't pinpoint what exactly it is, so you push it off to the side. It's excitement. Nothing more, nothing less. Plus it's a dark forest at night. Anyone could be scared of that. Maybe that's it? Maybe people are just driven insane by the spookiness of the setting? You rush off into the forest which is fenced off by the local police to stop people from climbing in. They hope to minimalize the amount of people to get missing in it, yet their failed attempt would not stop you. Your mind is set. You wander in and find a page. A little, torn piece of note paper, reading "You can't run.". You decide to keep hold of it for now. Since nothing will happen, you might as well look for more.

Game introduction

Slender: Lost Vision is an audio remake of the popular horror game Slender: The Eight Pages by Parsec Productions. Your goal throughout the entire game is to pick up eight pages, while trying to avoid being caught by the Slenderman.


The entire game is played in first-person. Use W, A, S and D to walk, and the arrows or your mouse to turn. Listen out for pages, which are represented by paper moving about. Turn to face it, and walk towards it. Once the contents of the page is announced, you are to pick it up by either clicking the left mouse button, or pressing the space bar on the keyboard. The more pages you pick up, the more aggressive the Slenderman becomes. He will randomly teleport about the game world, sometimes near you, smoetimes further away from you. The distance he has to you is represented by static. There are three layers to this static. A faint, crackling noise means he is quite a distance from you, yet still present. A radio like static together with the faint crackling means he is quite dangerously close, yet still cannot be seen. As soon as you hear a directional screetching static you should worry, as that's slenderman himself. Slenderman will start moving towards you if you look at him for long enough, or if you do not look at him for too long. Base your strategy of escape on this fact. You can sprint by holding the shift key, together with the W, A, S or D keys. Note that your stamina is not unlimited, so you may only run a certain distance at a time. The less stamina you have, the louder your breathing will become. Once you run out of stamina, you will continue walking, and releasing the shift key will slowly calm you down and regain your stamina. This game hardly has any orientation clues. You may press the right mouse button, or left control, while standing to hear your direction. It will play a ping sound to where the north would be, so if you're facing the ping, you are walking north. There are certain locations on the map that might help with orientation. Upon every launch of the game, the map is randomly generated. This includes many trees, since it's a forest, a tunnel in which you're mostly safe, and a car, a left over from an earlier visitor who also did not believe the danger of the Slenderman. The more pages you pick up, the more aggressive Slenderman becomes. The ambience in the background changes according to the level of aggression Slenderman is currently experiencing. If you have not picked up any pages, you will not have to worry about him and may freely explore the game world, as the chances of him appearing are very slim.

Key overview

  • W Move Forward
  • S Move Backward
  • A Sidestep left
  • D Sidestep right
  • Shift Run
  • Left click or Spacebar Pick up page
  • Right click or left Control Compass


Programming, sound design and title music Talon (Ghorthalon) Sound design, Storm Title Music Tomas Tvorek, Daria Barszczyk Parsec Productions For coming up with the original idea of the game. Victor Surge For coming up with Slenderman.

This is a fan-made game. I do not own the rights to Slenderman, nor the original game, and have literally nothing to do with either but making this game.